French Macarons

ordering policy & frequently asked questions

Do I need to place an order in advance? 

No, it’s not always necessary. We have up to 30 flavors available daily! Our staff will be more than happy to help you with your selection when you visit one of our locations. We’re certain we’ll have many flavors you will love!

How much notice is required for orders? 

We require a minimum of two weeks notice for all orders.

Is there a minimum for special orders?

Yes. A special order minimum is four dozen macarons. Do you need a variety of flavors? We’re happy to accommodate your request but require a minimum of a dozen macarons per flavor.

How do I pay for my order?

Please note that all special orders must be paid in full when the order is placed. We cannot offer refunds on special orders. You will receive an invoice for your order which must be paid a minimum of two weeks in advance. Invoices that are overdue are subject to a $25 late fee. Orders that are not paid in full one week prior to pick-up will be cancelled.

How do I place my order? 

Please email us at to start the conversation!

How do I care for my macarons? 

Please be sure to keep your macarons frozen or refrigerated (the freezer is preferred) until you plan to enjoy them. This ensures the quality and integrity of the macaron. Macarons thaw within 20-30 minutes and should be eaten at room temperature.

Are macarons gluten-free?

Naturally macarons are a gluten-free pastry. The shell is made with sugar, almonds and egg whites. However, not all flavors are gluten-free due to the flavor of the macaron, such as brownie batter and cookies and cream. All macarons contain the following allergens: dairy, eggs, tree nuts.